Legends immortalized in Wax – More is impossible

With Phantom, we have put an unanswerable crown on surface treatments. Through an appearance of deep gloss, durable sustainability and its environmentally-conscious concept, this unique concentrate embodies the tradition of luxurious surfaces in face of the highest demands. Discovered in an artificial byproduct formed when generating carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, we have developed via the most intricate laboratory techniques an innovative way of optimally refining silicon-free, artificial lipids with synthetic material and high-value ingredients. The result creates outstanding stability with strong surface tension, lending every smooth surface an additional outstanding deep shine with long-lasting resistance. The modern concentrate, viewed in fact as an enhancement of pure #1 Grade Carnauba wax, is specially used for the thorough layering of high-value surfaces and as such is not a skin-care solution. Given this please pay attention to the instructions on the package. Before use, we also recommend as default a test for material compatibility and also taking adequate time for manual treatment. For optimal storage, the Phantom formula uses a special violet glass. This should be only briefly opened during use in order to retain product freshness and guarantee attendant high performance. Each exemplar is created in an intensive handmade process, subject to regular quality controls, by Chem-Tools Germany.

The complicated formula and its elaborate realization represents our masterpiece for unforgettable moments, unique for you. It counts as our own best product for that crucial finishing touch.

(Content: 200ml, 100ml = 115,00 €)