Chem-Tools Finest Automotive Care was born from the passion of our employees for cars, airplanes, motorcycles and boats.

The core competence of the Chem-Tools GmbH lies in the international supply of high quality chemicals from its own development and production resources.  Through the use of modern technologies, excellent professionals, backed up by a number of certificates (eg ISO 9001) and references (eg, Standox, AVD, SpiesHäcker, CFC, Cromax – and much more), we offer a multi-industrial, as well as an almost unlimited range of innovative recipes.

As a medium-sized company based in Germany, that since 1995 has been supplying the European market, we have specialized in improving and enhancing the performance of our commercial and industrial customers. We also offer customised developments, as well as successful private label solutions some of which you’ve probably already unconsciously come into contact with.

Testing or detailed studies of our outstanding quality of each formula has been carried out by recognized institutions to ensure that they meet and satisfy the contemporary standards of the European heavy industry, retail chains and, of course, you as end user. One of our high priorities relates to the sustainability of our concentrates, so we pay special attention to environmentally sound and socially acceptable methods and resources.

Therefore our products are not focused on artificially complicated, extensive and overpriced cleaning systems with questionable or strong aromatic ingredients of lower quality. Instead, we concentrate on getting excellent results which have easy usability for an excellent price and are economical in consumption – exactly as we ourselves have always required.

This honesty is complemented by the excellent service provided by our knowledgeable staff.

We hope you enjoy our Products and we are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Chem-Tools Team