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The Finish to clean and protect high gloss and matt surfaces

Acryshield is based on exotic ingredients combined in a unique abrasive-free formula. You can use it on nearly all kinds of surfaces such as paint, glass, metal, leather, rubber or plastic to get a brilliant and streak free result on matt or high gloss surfaces! It easily removes light imperfections such as water spots, dust or fingerprints. Additionally it includes an excellent Acrysealing that sustainably cares and protects the surface! Just spray sparingly onto the surface and immediately remove it with a clean and soft cloth without applying pressure. Do not use Acryshield in direct sunlight, shake the can regularly during application and flush the spray-head out with hot water after use. To remove heavy duty contamination, we recommend you use Chem-Tools Custom Wash.

(Content: 400ml, 100ml = 4,00 €)