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Mild care washing soap with sustainable preservation

With passion and specifically targeted new approaches we discovered this unusual recipe, where corrosion protection and powerful cleaning components work together. Carefully selected ingredients gently cleanse the material without staining, tarnishing or corroding and are excellent for your exacting results on all materials. It easily removes exhaust deposits, oily and greasy dirt or residue and when thoroughly cleaned and dry leaves a fresh, shiny and preserved surface that is water repellant even during the application.

Simple, fast and thorough! Always wash with plenty of water starting at the top and working down. Spray Custom Wash onto the wet surface. Clean off using a soft wash sponge being careful not to apply pressure, and finally rinse off thoroughly. Do not use on warm surfaces or in direct sunlight and do not allow the surface to dry during the application. Please test that this product is suitable for your paintwork prior to applying. If necessary lubricate moving parts after washing. For heavily soiled wheels we recommend using Chem-Tools Wheel Wash, and Chem-Tools Acryshield for a regular care.

(Content: 1.000ml, 100ml = 1,25 €)