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The Finish to clean and protect high gloss and matt surfaces

Acryshield is based on exotic ingredients combined in a unique abrasive-free formula. You can use it on nearly all kinds of surfaces such as paint, glass, metal, leather, rubber or plastic to get a brilliant and streak free result on matt or high gloss surfaces! It easily removes light imperfections such as water spots, dust or fingerprints. Additionally it includes an excellent Acrysealing that sustainably cares and protects the surface! Just spray sparingly onto the surface and immediately remove it with a clean and soft cloth without applying pressure. Do not use Acryshield in direct sunlight, shake the can regularly during application and flush the spray-head out with hot water after use. To remove heavy duty contamination, we recommend you use Chem-Tools Custom Wash.

(Content: 400ml, 100ml = 4,00 €)

Reach the physical limit of gloss

The unique acrylic polymer blended with high-grade ingredients gives this concentrate a breath taking polishing performance. Especially for fine surfaces such as paints, plastics (e.g. acrylic glass) or precious metals you will get a sealed high gloss finish due to micro abrasives in conjunction with the long lasting protective ingredients. Reduce scratches and bring back a high gloss on dull surfaces without the use of silicon. Apply the concentrate sparingly directly onto the pre-cleaned and wet surface and polish off by hand with an extra cloth or by machine. Should never be used in direct sunlight. For already perfect surfaces use Chem-Tools Acryshield spray.

(Content: 500ml, 100ml = 3,00 €)

Ultra Strong foam cleaning without water

Cleaning Foam powers its way into the surface and activates a tailored mixture of optimized substances to dissolve the dirt and transport it to the outside. You can achieve the maximum cleaning effect without complex water mixtures and can remove sealants, oil, grease, dirt and stubborn stains such as Nicotine, Coffee soot or unsightly discolorations. Shake the can and spray it onto the surface (e.g. glass, carpet, leather, plastic, etc.). After a short exposure time clean it with a cloth by removing the residual foam. To prevent the risk of discoloration on artificially colored materials, we recommend a surface test before use.

(Content: 500ml, 100ml = 3,30 €)

Mild care washing soap with sustainable preservation

With passion and specifically targeted new approaches we discovered this unusual recipe, where corrosion protection and powerful cleaning components work together. Carefully selected ingredients gently cleanse the material without staining, tarnishing or corroding and are excellent for your exacting results on all materials. It easily removes exhaust deposits, oily and greasy dirt or residue and when thoroughly cleaned and dry leaves a fresh, shiny and preserved surface that is water repellant even during the application.

Simple, fast and thorough! Always wash with plenty of water starting at the top and working down. Spray Custom Wash onto the wet surface. Clean off using a soft wash sponge being careful not to apply pressure, and finally rinse off thoroughly. Do not use on warm surfaces or in direct sunlight and do not allow the surface to dry during the application. Please test that this product is suitable for your paintwork prior to applying. If necessary lubricate moving parts after washing. For heavily soiled wheels we recommend using Chem-Tools Wheel Wash, and Chem-Tools Acryshield for a regular care.

(Content: 1.000ml, 100ml = 1,25 €)

Impressive Leather Care for intensive regeneration

Through its highly concentrated formulation of Californian Jojoba wax, enriched with vitamin rich plant extracts, protective balm, beeswax and oils, our leather cream revitalises your leather giving it a new lease of life. The purifying properties work without changing the desired patina and generate an intense, refreshing, and valuable long-lasting preservation to protect against severe wear and UV rays. Simply massage the cream into the leather using a very clean bright cloth that ideally is solely used for this application. It dries quickly and produces no discoloration. Please apply it sparingly on seats with integrated heater. For heavier soiling, we recommend pre-cleaning with Chem-Tools Cleaning Foam.

(Content: 250ml, 100ml = 6,60 €)

With only eight products we exceed your imagination!

Almost all of our automotive care products have hybrid properties to enable them to be successfully multi-functional. Without us having to offer you a complicated system, you get a powerful Care- Solution for complete cleaning and maintenance tasks of exclusive vehicles, motorcycles, airplanes and boats. Each of our products is produced exclusively with quality raw materials from sustainable and socially responsible sources, and manufactured by us in Germany.

1st –  Wash everything with Custom Wash.

2nd – Clean rims with Wheel Wash.

3rd – Polish the paintwork with Acryshield S.

4th – Polish metals with Metal Clean.

5th – Clean the interior with Cleaning Foam.

6th – Maintain rubber and plastic parts with Rubber Foam.

7th – Clean and protect Leather with Leather Cream.

8th – And to finish off all finishes, our Acryshield.

Inclusive 3 CareWipes!

Polish and protect every type of Metal for a brilliant shiny effect

The innovative composition of our polisher includes powerful mineral dust that is softer than usual ingredients. It enables an effective care and streak free polishing for all types of metals. A streak free high gloss finish will be produced that not only works on metals such as Aluminium, Chrome, Copper or Steel. It is also suitable for tougher applications such as rust, corrosion, discoloration, branded materials or even cleaning White Wall Tires etc. Through the addition of siliconoil components we have also been able to produce a long lasting sealant which repels water, protects against tarnishing and prevents oxidation. Simply apply Metal Clean to the pre-cleaned surface with a clean soft cloth or a polishing machine at low speed and polish to perfection.

(Content: 250ml, 100ml = 5,20 €)

Legends immortalized in Wax – More is impossible

With Phantom, we have put an unanswerable crown on surface treatments. Through an appearance of deep gloss, durable sustainability and its environmentally-conscious concept, this unique concentrate embodies the tradition of luxurious surfaces in face of the highest demands. Discovered in an artificial byproduct formed when generating carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, we have developed via the most intricate laboratory techniques an innovative way of optimally refining silicon-free, artificial lipids with synthetic material and high-value ingredients. The result creates outstanding stability with strong surface tension, lending every smooth surface an additional outstanding deep shine with long-lasting resistance. The modern concentrate, viewed in fact as an enhancement of pure #1 Grade Carnauba wax, is specially used for the thorough layering of high-value surfaces and as such is not a skin-care solution. Given this please pay attention to the instructions on the package. Before use, we also recommend as default a test for material compatibility and also taking adequate time for manual treatment. For optimal storage, the Phantom formula uses a special violet glass. This should be only briefly opened during use in order to retain product freshness and guarantee attendant high performance. Each exemplar is created in an intensive handmade process, subject to regular quality controls, by Chem-Tools Germany.

The complicated formula and its elaborate realization represents our masterpiece for unforgettable moments, unique for you. It counts as our own best product for that crucial finishing touch.

(Content: 200ml, 100ml = 115,00 €)

Intensive care foam for rubber and plastics

Discovered during a reaction between different formulas we developed an excellent care foam which with its fantastic valuable care ingredients will enhance your surfaces with, vibrant colours and long-lasting protection. After shaking the can, spray the adhesive care foam directly onto the surface (e.g., tires, bumpers) from a distance of about 20 cm or apply it locally with a cloth. After a short exposure time rub it off for an even result. Due to the slipperiness of the long-lasting integrated protection it is not suitable for steering wheels, tire treads, brakes or similar applications.

(Content: 500ml, 100ml = 2,60 €)

Energized rim cleaner without aggressive ingredients

The innovative and sophisticated composition reliably dissolves brake dust, removes oxidation attacks and heavily encrusted grime without damaging your rims or tires. Wheel Wash is suitable for all types of rims and materials! Spray the undiluted gel concentrate, evenly and away from direct sunlight onto the cold rim. During the reaction period of 3 – 4 minutes the components change their color to a reddish, dark violet hue. For heavier stains, use a sponge or rim brush and extend the reaction period to 5 – 8 minutes. Upon conclusion rinse the rim off intensively. We recommend an additional sealing with Chem-Tools Acryshield for a sustainable protection. For reasons of environmental protection we have not added a strong perfume for masking the odor of our tensides.

(Content: 750ml, 100ml = 1,60 €)