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Gentle cleaning against stubborn dirt!

Ultra Soft fibers gently remove soiling from the surface and help spread the water evenly over the surface to prevent rapid drying. Make sure before starting that the ambient temperature is normal and that the surfaces to be washed are not in direct sunlight. Rinse the surface with plenty of water and spray on Chem-Tools Custom Wash. Using the wash mitt immediately rub down the surface from top to bottom without using undue pressure. To complete, rinse the cleaned surface down using plenty of water and dry to prevent water spots. Remember to regularly clean the wash mitt during the washing cycle and to store it in a clean place when not in use.

(Content: 2 WaterFeelings, 1 WaterFeeling = 5,00 €)

Energized rim cleaner without aggressive ingredients

The innovative and sophisticated composition reliably dissolves brake dust, removes oxidation attacks and heavily encrusted grime without damaging your rims or tires. Wheel Wash is suitable for all types of rims and materials! Spray the undiluted gel concentrate, evenly and away from direct sunlight onto the cold rim. During the reaction period of 3 – 4 minutes the components change their color to a reddish, dark violet hue. For heavier stains, use a sponge or rim brush and extend the reaction period to 5 – 8 minutes. Upon conclusion rinse the rim off intensively. We recommend an additional sealing with Chem-Tools Acryshield for a sustainable protection. For reasons of environmental protection we have not added a strong perfume for masking the odor of our tensides.

(Content: 750ml, 100ml = 1,60 €)