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Unleash the full power

The large pore microfiber cloths surround dirt particles and through the use of soft and high quality materials they prevent damage to the treated surface. It is recommended to give each of the three clothes a specific task such as drying or Chem-Tools Acryshield sealing. For best results use in normal temperature environments without applying any pressure and by holding onto the white loop to prevent cloth falling on the floor. Prior to first use and also when the cloth becomes dirty wash them individually in the washing machine without fabric softener. In conjunction with Chem-Tools Custom Wash, we recommend the use of a washcloth, and the use of a rim brush / sponge in conjunction with Chem-Tools Wheel Wash. For polishing with Acryshield S, we recommend a fine and clean cloth without deep pores. For Chem-Tools Leather Cream, take an extra, white cloth that will not be used for other applications.

(Content: 3 CareWipes, 1 CareWipe = 4,00 €)

Automotive care is fun as a ride itself

Packed in a high quality travel bag measuring just 26cm x 6cm, you will be able to take advantage of our Chem-Tools products anywhere in the world. Unwrapped, you get a 10 liter bucket made of the highest quality materials. The travel bag has extra ventilation holes and has a zippered compartment for dry cleaning clothes. Enjoy being spontaneous and care for your vehicles when they need it the most. Whether occasionally during your vacation or regularly in everyday life – we are sure you will experience many pleasant adventures with this small assistant.

(Content: 1 MobileBucket)

The powerful brush for heavily soiled wheels

In combination with Chem-Tools Wheel Wash you can lightly brush away the caked on residue from your rims and cavities, without damaging the wheel material. Ideal for wire wheels, steel or normal everyday painted rims. However, for chromed, highly polished or sensitive finishes we recommend the use of a softer applicant such as a sponge.

(Content: 1 RimBrush)

Gentle cleaning against stubborn dirt!

Ultra Soft fibers gently remove soiling from the surface and help spread the water evenly over the surface to prevent rapid drying. Make sure before starting that the ambient temperature is normal and that the surfaces to be washed are not in direct sunlight. Rinse the surface with plenty of water and spray on Chem-Tools Custom Wash. Using the wash mitt immediately rub down the surface from top to bottom without using undue pressure. To complete, rinse the cleaned surface down using plenty of water and dry to prevent water spots. Remember to regularly clean the wash mitt during the washing cycle and to store it in a clean place when not in use.

(Content: 2 WaterFeelings, 1 WaterFeeling = 5,00 €)